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     Fargo Flat is a North Dakota based concrete polishing company specializing in Husqvarna brand HiPERFLOORS.  We are a certified Husqvarna contractor and take great pride in providing you the very best polished concrete possible.  When you choose Fargo Flat for your next project or remodel, rest assured that you will have the most durable, resilient, and beautiful floor that will last a lifetime.  At Fargo Flat, we believe you should buy your last floor first! 

'A fantastic, well done, polished concrete floor speaks for itself.'


     There are a multitude of benefits when choosing polished concrete over more typical flooring solutions.  A floor that is properly ground and polished is not only beautiful, but extremely durable.  We can grind the concrete down to suit any taste in regards to aggregate exposure and polish it anywhere from a 'matte' style finish to as reflective as a mirror.  Despite its mesmerizing sheen, a highly polished concrete floor is not slippery, wet or dry.  In fact, according to a 2014 CPAA Research Study, a properly polished concrete floor may be the most slip resistant floor.  This makes it a perfect flooring solution for schools, hospitals, and high volume commercial areas.  In certain situations, where moisture problems can cause other flooring solutions to fail (VCT for instance), a polished concrete floor can be a permanent solution.  Listed below are some of the major benefits of choosing polished concrete for your next project. 

  • Dust Free

  • Seamless

  • Light Reflective

  • Hypoallergenic

  • Hard Wearing

  • Long Lasting

  • Warm in Winter

  • Cool in Summer

  • Suitable for In-Floor Heat

  • Moisture Resistant

  • Stain Resistant

  • Easily Cleaned

  • Design Flexibility

  • Low Maintenance Costs

  • Scratch Resistant

Why Polished Concrete?



HiPERFLOOR Finish Levels

A medium-gloss finish for semi-exposed and low-exposed aggregate floors. An indoor application for retail areas, shop fronts and indoor public spaces. By choosing the HiPERFLOOR® Commercial Finish, the result is a floor that is functional, easy to clean and low maintenance while remaining aesthetically pleasing.



- Easy to clean and maintain

- Resistant to wear and spills

- Abrasion-resistant

- Slip-resistant

- Minimal lifetime cost

TSPA 2.jpg


A decorative, high-gloss finish for exposed aggregate floors. HiPERFLOOR® Premium Finish is an indoor application for showrooms, real estate and areas where aesthetic properties such as flatness and reflectivity of the floor are a top priority. In addition to a reflective and decorative floor, functionality, ease of cleaning and low maintenance costs are some of the many added benefits of the HiPERFLOOR® Premium Finish system.



- Reflective and decorative finish

- Floor flatness

- Extremely high quality and durability

- Hygienic and easy to clean

- Exceptionally resistant to abrasion


Mancave 01.jpg

A low-gloss finish customized for industrial floors. Primarily an indoor application targeting large areas such as warehouses and department stores, where flooring functionality is of primary concern. The result is a hardwearing floor that offers a safer and cleaner environment. The minimal lifetime cost, low maintenance and high durability make the HiPERFLOOR® Industrial Finish system of great benefit to any factory environment.



- Minimal lifetime cost

- Withstands the toughest use

- Slip-resistant

- Resistant to spills, abrasion, oils and dusting

- Easy to clean


Cream Polish Shop Floor

All HiPERFLOORS come with an available 10 year warranty

Fargo Flat specializes in 'seeding' glass into new commercial and residential projects.  We have a wide variety of sizes and colors to choose from to compliment any interior design or color palette.  We can mix and match colors throughout the floor, or request custom patterns (such as borders, strips, shapes, etc).  In addition to 'seeding' glass, we can also 'seed' specialized aggregates such as; petrified wood, agate, hardware (nuts and bolts), sea shells, mother of pearl, quartz, granite, labradorite, the list is nearly endless!  We can accommodate to suit any taste.

Fargo Flat Concrete Polishing polished concrete husqvarna hiperfloor glass seed


Concrete Customization

Fargo Flat can also add a splash of color to your new HiPERFLOOR.  There is a vast array of different color options to choose from.  Integral dyes or topical stains can be used in new construction to give your polished concrete floor vivid hues and tones.  For those looking to colorize their existing concrete, we can also use acetone and water based stains to give your polished concrete floor some eye catching character.  We can add logos, patterns, shapes, borders, or anything you desire!     

Fargo Flat Concrete Polishing polished concrete husqvarna hiperfloor stained stain Salon Professional Acadamy

Please visit our Customization page and start building your new HiPERFLOOR

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