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Why do I want a polished concrete floor?

An excellent question!  One of the main benefits of a polished concrete floor is rugged durability.  It won't fray, peel, bubble, warp, fade, tear, rot, mold, creek, splinter, swell, etc.  A polished concrete floor requires minimal maintenance, reduces lighting costs due to its reflectivity, resistant to stains and wear, and will often outlast the building surrounding it. Concrete has been one of the most durable materials humans have created and it has stood the test of time for thousands of years!  Now with modern machinery we can make concrete as beautiful as it is durable.

What is polished concrete exactly?

Polishing concrete is a process which involves grinding down the surface of the concrete with finer and finer diamonds until a desired flatness, aggregate exposure, and sheen is achieved.  Polished concrete is a mechanical process which means there are no waxes, sealers, top coats, etc.  The shine on the concrete is 'All Natural' which lends to it superior durability.

Is the process of polishing concrete dusty?

During the grinding process, our HEPA rated dust collecting vacuums ensure that the air is 98% dust free.  Whatever dust/debris is left over is easily vacuumed/swept off the floor.

Is a polished concrete floor slippery?

Although polished concrete may initially appear to be slippery due to its mirror-like finish, a properly polished floor exceeds OSHA and ADA slip resistance standards either sloppy wet or dry as a bone.  

My concrete floor is old and somewhat damaged, can I still polish it?

Absolutely! We can repair almost anything. Sometimes older concrete can be the most beautiful due to staining, efflorescence, patchwork, and all manner of hidden treasures found during the grinding process.  

How long can I expect my polished concrete floor to last?

Depending on the concrete quality, control joints, location, and proper maintenance (minimal as it is), a polished concrete floor can theoretically last forever.   

What if I want something more unique than plain old concrete?

We are able to customize aggregates and also 'seed' concrete with glass, marbles, quartz, granite, petrified wood, agates, etc, and in combination with integral colors or stains, we can make a true masterpiece limited only by your imagination!

What is the difference between a HiPERFLOOR and a 'Grind and Seal' or a '3 Step Polish'?

The HiPERFLOOR is a complete multi-step process which includes multiple grinding passes, a grouting pass, and multiple polishing passes with a final burnish to ensure superior flatness, shine, smoothness, and durability.  A HiPERFLOOR requires no sealers or waxes eliminating costly maintenance down the road and has no risk of bubbling, peeling, smudging or discoloring.

How does 'seeding' work?

During the construction phase of your project, if you have chosen to 'seed' specialized aggregates or glass into your floor, we show up while the concrete is being poured and 'cast' the seed material into the concrete while it is being finished.  This will form a layer of your chosen 'seed' material right beneath the concrete's surface, once we start grinding this layer will become exposed and polished to your desired tastes.

You said you offer an available 10 year warranty?

Yes! Once we finish creating your new HiPERFLOOR, we can offer you an available 10 year warranty including a maintenance plan to ensure that your HiPERFLOOR looks its best forever!

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